5 Tips to Protect Your Child’s Eyes This Summer

Did you know that 80 percent of your child’s learning will be done with their eyes? Good vision is required to read, write, and use an iPad and other classroom materials. Without good vision, children can struggle with even the most basic tasks and fall behind.

Summer means a break from school but you still need to think about keeping your child’s eyes safe. Trips to the pool, family vacations, and 4th of July fireworks all require spending a lot of time outdoors. And this can lead to increased exposure to harmful UV rays.

You probably wouldn’t dream of letting your child play outside all afternoon without applying sunscreen first. But are you taking those same precautions when it comes to protecting their eyes?

Here are five tips for protecting your child’s eyes this summer:

Purchase Sunglasses That Will Protect Their Eyes From UV Rays

The reality is, our eyes are just as sensitive to sun damage as our skin is. And research has shown that children’s sunglasses let in up to 70 percent more UV rays than adult’s sunglasses!

When you purchase sunglasses for your child, look for lenses that will block 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. This will ensure that your child’s eyes are protected every time they are outdoors.   

Have Them Wear A Hat Whenever They Are Outdoors

Sunglasses are great but for maximum protection from sun exposure, it is a good idea to pair a hat with those sunglasses. It is possible to find hats that offer 100 percent UV protection as well.

Opt For Shade Whenever Possible

You should always opt for shade whenever possible, especially between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM when the sunlight is the strongest.

Require Goggles Anytime They Are In The Pool

Swimming is a favorite summer activity for most kids and should definitely be encouraged. But the chlorine used in pools can be very irritating for most people’s eyes so require your child to always wear goggles in the pool. As a bonus, you can find goggles that offer UV protection.

Keep Children Away From Fireworks

More than 6,000 children are injured by fireworks every year. And 21 percent of those injuries involve eye injuries. We know that fireworks are fun but don’t let children play with firecrackers, sparklers, or other types of fireworks.

We hope you have found these safety guidelines helpful and that you will have a fun and safe summer! Contact Eye Associates of Tallahassee us today for more information about pediatric eye care or to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

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