6 Signs You’re Ready For Something Like LASIK

LASIK is more than just a way to sharpen your vision. It can change your whole world!

LASIK can give you an entirely new outlook on life by reducing your dependency on contact lenses or glasses through permanent vision correction. LASIK has become one of the most popular elective surgeries available in recent years. 

Many people worldwide are enjoying the benefits of improved eyesight through LASIK. How do you know if a procedure like this is right for you?

Keep reading to learn six signs that it might be time for you to consider something like LASIK!

 1. You’re Tired of Having to Wear Glasses or Contacts

girl deciding between contacts and glasses

Lots of people choose LASIK to achieve visual freedom. Many people can eliminate or significantly reduce their need for glasses and contacts through LASIK. 

LASIK has a very high satisfaction rate. About 96 percent of people who have had LASIK are happy with their results. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, LASIK can help make your vision clearer.

Wearing glasses and contact lenses can be a hassle, especially if you are a busy or active person. Many people enjoy the benefits of having sharper vision and less reliance on glasses after LASIK. 

2. You Want to Save Money

Many people think that getting LASIK is more expensive than wearing glasses or contacts. When you factor in the lifetime of costs associated with visual aids, the LASIK procedure can end up being the better financial decision. 

The cost of purchasing contact lenses, cases, solutions, or new glasses throughout your lifetime can add up. LASIK is an investment that pays off over time. 

man smiling outside

Since LASIK is a permanent vision correction, you do not have to worry about the ongoing costs of glasses and contacts to keep your vision clear after the procedure. Another way LASIK can save you money is if you are routinely purchasing prescription sunglasses.

With permanent vision correction through LASIK, you will no longer need to buy an extra pair of prescription glasses that can help you in the sun.

After LASIK, you will now have many more sunglass options, and they will be cheaper since you will no longer need them to correct your vision. 

LASIK can save you a lot of money in the long run. You can spend your money doing things you like while enjoying the benefits of glasses and contact-free vision! 

3. You’re Done Wasting Time on Visual Aids

Life with LASIK is freeing. Those who rely on visual aids daily have to spend precious time every day to be able to see clearly. 

woman inserting contact lenses

Life with LASIK has one less hassle in your morning routine: no more hunting around for your glasses or inserting your contacts. Daily living with LASIK is much less time-consuming.

With LASIK, you will no longer have to take time out of your day to clean your glasses or store your contact lenses. You also won’t have the added time constraint of picking out new frames and getting your contact lens prescription renewed every year. 

LASIK can save you time, so you can spend more of it doing what you love with clearer vision!

4. You’re Holding Back During Workouts

Have you ever found yourself worrying about your glasses slipping off your nose when you should be focusing on getting the most out of your cardio session? Working out is not a good time to be worrying about breaking your glasses or having them fall off your face.

Whether you realize it or not, you have to take special care to accommodate your visual aids. This can be while engaging in an exertive activity like working out, or recreational activities like throwing a ball around with your dog. 

Glasses can easily fall and break, and contacts can disappear and never be seen again. With laser eye surgery, you can keep your head in the game. 

Although you may still need protective eyewear to keep your eyes safe while playing some sports, after LASIK, you will no longer have to rely on glasses or contacts for clear vision while working out.

5. You Wear Contacts and Suffer from Allergies

There are certain times of the year when those who are afflicted by allergies constantly have itchy or watery eyes or a runny nose. Have you considered the ways your eyes come into contact with pollen and other allergens?

man looking out the window smiling

When you wear contacts, you touch your eyes multiple times throughout the day. Even when you’re careful, it’s not difficult to introduce allergens into your eyes, as you’re inserting your contacts, taking them out, or adjusting them. 

When you can replace your contacts with a permanent laser vision correction like LASIK, you decrease your exposure to what’s making your eyes so irritated. You can avoid these bothersome symptoms by not needing to readjust your contacts multiple times a day.

When not in allergy season, contact lenses can still cause irritation, dryness, and itching. Many people experience dry eyes and blurry vision due to their contact lenses.

With LASIK, you will not have to worry about the irritation of wearing dry contact lenses, whether in allergy season or not.

6. You Want to Change Your Appearance by Not Wearing Glasses

Those who wear glasses have two options when it comes to taking pictures. They can either remove them, leave red marks behind, and be unable to see the camera, or keep them on and obscure their best feature. 

With LASIK, you can free yourself from the associated struggles of glasses wear. LASIK may be especially appealing if you do not like how you look in glasses.

Glasses can cramp your style. You match your shoes to your outfit, but what about your glasses? 

Some people feel like they look better without glasses, but contacts are not suitable for them either. With LASIK, you can have clear vision and be more confident in your appearance!

Are you ready to change your life with LASIK? Schedule a consultation at Eye Associates of Tallahassee in Tallahassee, FL, today!

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